Superfluous Information

This page is the seemingly compulsory “about me” page.  Who I am really is not important (whose I am makes all the difference), but in the interest of not being inappropriately inaccessible here are a few things some folk may want to know:

I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  That he would have me still is an amazement to me.  I am blown away even after 40 years of calling myself a “Christian” and failing miserably so often, that God’s promise to love me because of Jesus “no matter what” is a promise God has kept.

I have achieved the status of having used up more than half of my expected life span (woohoo!).

I am now married for over twenty-five years.  My wife, Michelle, is my best friend and greatest supporter.  She is one of those people “everyone likes” which is good for me since I have never suffered from that malady.

Michelle and I have three children here in the United States.  We are very proud of them and watched them enter adulthood one by one (much too fast for both of us).  We also have three “adopted” children in Uganda.  They also entered adulthood one by one, so we have symptoms of “empty nest syndrome” from two continents.

Four of the six of our children married within 18 months and we were also are the recipients of a ‘bonus’: granddaughter number 1. (#2 has since arrived and #3 will so come!)

Ryan, Isaac, Alyssa, Gary, Peninah, Emily, Robert, Lionel, Michelle

I serve Main Street Church in Alexandria, Kentucky (  I am Pastor and Lead Elder.

I have always loved to write and hope to do more and more of it in the future.

I am technically bald (but kept what hair I have longer in life than my father and younger brothers did…quite the accomplishment, I assure you).  If you really must see pictures, my Facebook “friends” have posted plenty to nauseate even the strongest stomach and there are some pictures of me that reside on this blog (see Uganda entries).

My avatar is a road through the wooded mountains because:

1.  It is descriptive of my life’s journey.

2.  My favorite memories and stories of growing up involve the roads on the foothills and mountains of the Cascade and coastal mountain ranges in Oregon.

3.  I don’t have to ever update my avatar as I continue to get older.  (I love to poke those who have the outdated “when I looked really good” glamour shots as avatars…I would have to use a picture from when I was in seventh grade, which really wouldn’t work…right?).

Lastly, I have a tendency toward verbosity and the ability to be too much the smart-alec (if you haven’t guessed already) and I like parenthesis and ellipsis but will learn to write more proficiently without them in the future.